Sep 24, 2008

Outpourings in Portland & San Francisco + links to actual prophecies, prayer-movements and a teaching video of Sharon Stone

Outpouring of Healing and God's Spirit in Portland, Oregon:

South African Evangelist Hamilton Filmalter Helps Usher-in an Outpouring of Healing and God's Spirit in Portland, Oregon:
Sep 19, 2008, by Aimee Herd -

Hamilton Filmalter: I went down to Lakeland. What I experienced there, the Spirit of God, was beyond anything I'd ever encountered in my life. It was an intensity beyond anything I'd ever encountered… the presence of God-I'd never encountered it like this-the glory of God.

So I came back [to Oregon] and I knew when I was there that we had to bring this back to our region… We just started last night, and we're still trying to get the word out. We've got a number of churches involved with us but we want to see many, many more people involved and really see an outbreak.

BCN: Where are you meeting?

HF: It is the North Wilsonville exit [off I-5], then a mile up Boones Ferry Road on the right there's a road called Green Hill Lane, you turn right on Green Hill Lane, left onto the parking area of the tent. It's in Tualatin, and it's the property just south of Horizon Christian School.

BCN: How many people came last night?

HF: About 100 people, but I believe it's going to grow. We had quite a number of healings last night. There was one lady, we still have to get medical feedback on it, but she was in chronic pain, could not move her neck at all. God touched her, she said she had cancer, and that all the symptoms of the cancer were gone. I mean, she got radically touched by the Lord. Another lady had serious hip trouble and got healed, and a lot of people that had pain and so on that got healed.

And obviously, you know, you can only go after the stuff that is there. So we need people to bring the sick and we believe God is going to do many, many miracles, and many people are going to be set on fire [for the Lord]. And we encourage people to [come from all backgrounds and denominations] that we can see this fire go out, from the radically "Holy Ghost people" to the Evangelical people in our area. Then also, to bring the lost, we believe the lost will be saved in the thousands. (...) Read more under: South African Evangelist Hamilton Filmalter Helps Usher-in an Outpouring of Healing and God's Spirit in Portland, Oregon

Portland Outpouring Live webstream:
Portland-Outpouring live webcast - Wednesday night till Sunday night at 7pm-11pm Pacific time.


Outpouring in San Francisco:

‘Golden Gate Outpouring’ is heading into its third month of nightly revival meetings:

During a visit to Lakeland, Fla., in May, San Francisco pastor Michael Brodeur blogged some thoughts for his church members back home who were antsy for revival. “I believe this is just the beginning of a fresh wave of the Holy Spirit in our midst,” said Brodeur, senior pastor of Promised Land Fellowship. “I encourage you to put on your wet suits, grab your surfboards and paddle out into the coming move of God. This could be the ride of your life.”

Now, after 67 days of nightly meetings, his church and staff are in the midst of something not unlike the Lakeland Outpouring, though Brodeur calls what’s happening in San Francisco “a different animal.”
“Our meetings have been very different from Lakeland in style and form,” he told Charisma. “The character of our outpouring is been much more just soaking in the presence of God and seeking His face.” (...) Read more under: ‘Golden Gate Outpouring’ is heading into its third month of nightly revival meetings.

Current Prayer Movements

Believers across denominational lines are starting 40-day prayer and fasting campaigns for the 2008 general election on Nov. 4.: Christians Begin 40-Day Prayer Efforts for the US-Election

Teenagers across the U.S. and Canada prayed early Wednesday morning for their schools, families and communities: Millions of Students Pray at School Flagpoles

Prophecy and Teaching:

Teaching Video from Dr. Sharon Stone, 9/1/08: Entering Apostolic Dominion

Sharon Stone and Cindy Jacobs: Prophetic Words About the Current Economic System and POLITICAL CRISIS

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