Nov 24, 2008

Rick Joyner´s new serial about Obama and the elections (pt. 1)

In his last "word of the week" he writes:

We are going to spend the next few weeks examining the lessons from the recent elections because we probably will not get a greater illumination of the times than this for a long time.

The elections were an indication about the present state of the nation. We must understand how, but first we need to understand that an election does not necessarily mean that God’s choice won. As we are told in Psalm 115:16, “The heavens are the heavens of the Lord, but the earth He has given to the sons of men.”

This is why the Lord will not do things on the earth until we pray. He knows what we need even better than we do, but He delegated the earth to men to rule over, and He has never taken that authority back from us. That is why the Son of God had to come as a man to redeem the earth, and why He always referred to Himself as the Son of Man while on the earth. The Lord will intervene and help us if we ask Him, but we must ask. Basically, on the earth mankind is getting what mankind wants. God is not causing all of the problems here—we are. He can fix any problem, but we have to ask Him and then make room for Him to fix them.

You might think that you did ask the Lord to intervene in the election, and He did not do what you and millions of other Christians asked Him to do. However, there were also millions of Christians asking for what the outcome became. Of course, many wonder how a Christian could vote for someone who is pro-abortion, much less for someone who believes that there should be no restriction on any abortion, even partial birth abortion. This is a good question and is certainly a reflection on the state of the church in America as well as the nation. Answering this question can lead to a greater victory than just the passing of laws could do. We will examine this, but for now, let’s just acknowledge that it is a fact.

We must also understand that this was an election for the United States, not the church. The people of the United States have chosen Obama as their next President. As Christians, we have a clear biblical mandate to honor him, respect him, and always treat him with the dignity his position demands. Because we are a democracy, and ultimately the people are the authority, we also have the right to speak out about things we disagree on. However, we must always do this with dignity and respect for those in authority as we are commanded in Romans13.

In future Words for the Week, we will get into a number of crucial issues concerning our times, but for this week we need to understand a basic one for us to realize the victory that is ultimately possible. The election indicated that the nation did swing far to the left. In fact, it is remarkable how close McCain came to winning this election facing the challenges he had. More will be said about that later, but there is something even more basic we need to understand that everything will ultimately hinge on, including our ability to be the prophetic voice we are called to be in our times—Obama won because he won the battle for hope in the future. Even though his message of hope had little substance, it fortifies how powerful this weapon is, especially in trying times.

The church has been given the most powerful message of hope for the future that the world has ever heard—which is of course the gospel of the kingdom. Because the Lord answered a few questions about the signs of the end of the age, this tragically has been an emphasis of the evangelical church more than the beginning of the age in which Christ will return and reign over the earth, restoring it to the paradise it was originally intended to be. No religion or philosophy of utopia has a greater hope than we have, and yet we keep losing this high ground of hope for the future to cults and other religions like The New Age Movement which are cheap counterfeits.

The sign of the end of the age that may be the most important is that the gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the earth, and this has to happen before the end can come. Gospel means “good news.” It is the best news there could ever be; it is the most powerful message the world has ever heard, and it is time to use it.


Nov 19, 2008

Mike Bickle from Ihop about Obama and the need for increasing intersession

Mike Bickle in the International House of Prayer about the U.S-election, pro-life and marriage:

On google you can watch the entire video.

Obama has won the election but the result of the ballot "California Proposition 8" shows that the prayer movements like TheCall can still change the history. On my video-blog you can watch the video of "TheCall - San Diego - 4. Nov 08".

If the prayer movement increase in number and in intensity we will get more spiritual authority. The intensity or the lake of prayer of the body of christ will decide the direction in the politics in the next 4 years.

John Burton from "Pray the Revolution" writes concerning Mike Bickle´s video:

Can you imagine what would happen around the world if Barack Obama were to declare the discovery of Jesus Christ as his Lord? It would send shockwaves of revival across the planet. Let’s pray hard for him. As it stands, we are facing the threat of three key issues that are contrary to God’s will being advanced with force: Abortion, homosexual union and the release of land in Israel. These three points MUST be addressed in prayer. The way to see them all addressed with one broad stroke would be for Barack Obama to have an encounter with Jesus Christ.

Jesus actually visited a life-long witch in his bedroom in Manitou Springs, Colorado. His report was that, as he reached out and touched him, he would NEVER be able to deny the overpowering love of Jesus again. He called the first church he could find. This happened after God spoke through three people at a city-wide prayer event in City Hall that Jesus wanted to visit people in the city THAT NIGHT.

We prayed in unity in response to the prophetic word and it ACTUALLY HAPPENED! The same can happen with our new President. God loves him a lot and God loves this nation a lot. He also loves the unborn who are at risk and those who are diving deeper into homosexuality. The situation is complex, and we need an encounter in the White House like never before.

That´s it!!!

Another link of John Burton:

we must pray : underground church : revival | PRAY|THE|REVOLUTION

Nov 15, 2008

Bill Johnson about Todd Bentley: How to deal with an anointed person which shows an immoral lifestyle?

Bill Johnson refers not only to Todd Bentley - but also to persons of the bible (David and Saul) and examples in the history like John Alexander Dowie.
You can listen to Bill´s message or download it: Bill Johnson - Don´t eat the bones.mp3

Bill mentions an outpouring in Bakersfield... Here is their website:

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