Nov 19, 2008

Mike Bickle from Ihop about Obama and the need for increasing intersession

Mike Bickle in the International House of Prayer about the U.S-election, pro-life and marriage:

On google you can watch the entire video.

Obama has won the election but the result of the ballot "California Proposition 8" shows that the prayer movements like TheCall can still change the history. On my video-blog you can watch the video of "TheCall - San Diego - 4. Nov 08".

If the prayer movement increase in number and in intensity we will get more spiritual authority. The intensity or the lake of prayer of the body of christ will decide the direction in the politics in the next 4 years.

John Burton from "Pray the Revolution" writes concerning Mike Bickle´s video:

Can you imagine what would happen around the world if Barack Obama were to declare the discovery of Jesus Christ as his Lord? It would send shockwaves of revival across the planet. Let’s pray hard for him. As it stands, we are facing the threat of three key issues that are contrary to God’s will being advanced with force: Abortion, homosexual union and the release of land in Israel. These three points MUST be addressed in prayer. The way to see them all addressed with one broad stroke would be for Barack Obama to have an encounter with Jesus Christ.

Jesus actually visited a life-long witch in his bedroom in Manitou Springs, Colorado. His report was that, as he reached out and touched him, he would NEVER be able to deny the overpowering love of Jesus again. He called the first church he could find. This happened after God spoke through three people at a city-wide prayer event in City Hall that Jesus wanted to visit people in the city THAT NIGHT.

We prayed in unity in response to the prophetic word and it ACTUALLY HAPPENED! The same can happen with our new President. God loves him a lot and God loves this nation a lot. He also loves the unborn who are at risk and those who are diving deeper into homosexuality. The situation is complex, and we need an encounter in the White House like never before.

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Another link of John Burton:

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