Sep 19, 2008

Dudley-Outpouring: Sept. 18-23, 2008 Firestorm-Gathering with Trevor Baker, Keith Miller, Ken Gott & Kevin Prosch


Firestorm-Gathering LIVE on Sept. 18-23 :
->7:30 PM (BST) - UK (LIVE)
->8 :00 PM - WORLD (Rerun)

Trevor Baker, Pastor of Revival Fires & Dudley-Outpouring writes:

FireStorm Gathering

Come and be part of this historic event.
11 months ago Jill Austin, who ministers in the prophetic, gave a decree that Dudley would no longer be a place of hiddenness. This is what God has been doing. Through my trip to Lakeland, Florida, I was commissioned to bring the fiery call back to the UK.

Having seen the Outpouring begin and continue here in Dudley, we are now into our 20th week of extended meetings. Other leaders have come and we have seen a convergence of ministries and anointings. Out of this convergence we have sensed in the Spirit that it is time for the UK to become a FireStorm. This was prophesied over the UK the last time I was in Lakeland by Bobby Conner. A FireStorm is created as a series of a small fires come together which then generates a wind vortex, a tornado of fire, which draws strong currents of air into the blaze making it burn fiercely.

I want to personally invite you to come and be a part of history in the making as together we become a FireStorm of Revival in the UK and Europe.

I have invited those who carry anointing in worship and ministry of the word to be part of this gathering.

God TV have also asked to carry the FireStorm gathering by broadcasting it LIVE each day. This will have an impact beyond anything we have known for the Outpouring in the UK.

18 - 23 September 2008
Session times are:

Thurs at 7.30pm
Fri - Tues at 10.30am and 7.30pm

Please be prompt for these sessions as we are expecting there to be a high demand for seats.
A gathering of those whose hearts have been ignited by the Dudley Outpouring

Come join us over these days as we desire to see God fulfill the prophetic word spoken by Bobby Conner earlier this year that there will be a FireStorm hitting the UK and Europe.

We have special guests Kevin Prosch, Keith Miller, Ken Gott, Mark Stibbe and Trevor Baker ministering from Thurs 18 to Tues 23 September 2008.

Held at the Apostolic Resource Centre, Dudley.
Pre-registration is now closed. Please register on the door. There is no charge. Offerings will be taken.

Kevin Prosch in the UK Kevin Prosch's lyrics reflect his experience with God and calls people to "return to their first love". Kevin is a pioneer in the worship ministry; he continually pushes the boundaries of worship with the melodies, lyrics, and instruments used in his ever continuing quest to behold the love of God. He is well versed in many musical instruments from the piano to the mandolin. He and his band are a well tuned and truly insync with each other and the flow of music. Kevin isn't afraid to "free style" in the middle of a song if that is where God leads him. This attribute and willingness to follow God's lead has truly blessed many, many people at every level of Christianity. Kevin's many albums (Even So Come, Kiss the Son, Tumbling Ground to name but a few) have become bestsellers the world over. His songs include His Banner Over Me and Show Your Power. His music has inspired a "new sound" in worship influencing the likes of Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin and Martin Smith of Delirious?. Prosch is currently the worship pastor of More Church in Amarillo, Texas.

Keith Miller has been described by many leaders as a fresh voice for this generation to declare His Word, reveal His Character, and show His Power. Keith moves prophetically and in revelatory knowledge of God's plan for restoration and revival in this present hour. Keith ministers under strong anointing of the Holy Spirit, seeing signs and wonders, including salvations, and physical and emotional healings.

Dr. Mark Stibbe has since September 1996 been the Vicar of St Andrews Church Chorleywood, a large and growing charismatic Anglican Church just outside London. He is the best-selling author of numerous works, including the recent One Touch from the King, Healing Today, Prophetic Evangelism and The Father You’ve Been Waiting For. He regularly speaks about the father heart of God and the healing of the orphan heart, and is an anointed communicator who travels both in the UK and overseas. He is married to Alie - who is also a writer - and has four children aged between 18 and 11.

Ken Gott and his wife Lois are Senior Pastors of Bethshan Church in Newcastle. In 1994 following a visit to Toronto, the church experienced a major move of God which became known as ‘The Sunderland Refreshing’. Over a three year period hundreds of thousands of people came from all over the world to visit nightly meetings at Sunderland Christian Centre. From the refreshing the ministry Revival Now! was birthed whereby they were able to take the fire all over the world. There are two things close to Ken’s heart; prayer and revival. In 2006 his vision for a 24hr House of Prayer was birthed when the Sunderland International House of Prayer was opened, more than 80 gatekeepers take shifts day and night to keep the flame burning 24/7. Ken & Lois’ desire to see revival in the UK and Europe is fuelled by the many conferences they host for the nation.

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