Sep 19, 2008

blog rumor: Biden could step down in the next week(s) to make room for Hillary Clinton as VP

Intercessory Missionary Matt Lockett writes:
This is unsubstantiated, but I feel compelled to regurgitate it here.
There's a blog rumor running around that Biden will step down from the VP slot for "health reasons" after the VP debate next week. The rumor goes on to say that Obama will select Hillary to replace him. Everyone thinks he's kicking himself for not doing that to begin with. The blogs are trying to "out" this rumor just in case it really goes down.

I think, everybody should know this...

Let´s pray that McCain and Palin will win. You find me reasons on:
Why we should pray for Sarah Palin

1 comment: said...

Biden is a perfect politician - experienced, intelligent, wise. But that's it. When Palin came to stage, and "PalinMania" started, Biden became invisible. So rumors claim, that Biden will officially "resign because of health problems", and Obama will invite Hillary to join his fight against Palin. Because she, and no longer McCain, is Obama's biggest problem now.
On the other hand, Obama's supporters don't like Hillary, and Obama himself does not like to be "the second", which is OK for McCain, as Palin now seems like presidential candidate, not McCain himself -