Jul 10, 2008

GOD.TV VIDEO-ARCHIVE: ALL clips of Lakeland Outpouring - around the clock & in full-length

To start a video - please choose a date by clicking on it - after some seconds the clip will start.

Source: www.god.tv/revival_god

To show the Play/Stop-Button - please move the mouse on the video clip. With the little white arrow you can fast-forward/backward. Sometimes this arrow disappears - in this case please refresh/reload the page and select the video again. Now the litte arrow should show up again.

On florida-erweckung-GOD.TV.blogspot.com you can also watch the lakeland-video-archive. In addition you can watch there all 4 Live-Streams of GOD.TV and also the live-stream of Ignitedchurch (morning-sessions/teachings in Lakeland). Just go to florida-erweckung-GOD.TV.blogspot.com

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shanthisri said...

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