May 5, 2008

Evening-videos of friday till sunday have not been uploaded to ingnitedchurch´s ustream-account

I wonder why - but there are no videos of the revival-evenings of the weekend on
At these evenings the revival meetings were hold in the Joker Marchant Stadium - Lakeland´s baseball stadium with a capacity of 9,000 seats. It was packed and the presence of god was strong in this place. I´ve seen it live on Paul Cain and Jim Goll showed up and prophecied - many healing miracles took place - it was great.

I tried to record the webstream with VLC-Media-Player but it didn´t work. Is there anybody how has recorded the Can you please upload it at google-video and send me the links so that i can embed them? Would be great!
Google-Video is the best place in this case because they have no limitation in length and size of the clips. File-types: .wma, .avi, .mov, .mpg, .rm

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