Apr 28, 2008

Great Florida Healing Revival - video from saturday night, 26.04.2008

"The Angel of the Winds of Change":

Rick Joyner: "A prophetic friend, Bob Jones, was recently visited by an angel who was one of the largest he had ever seen. This angel said that his name was “The Winds of Change,” and that great changes were coming to the church. He said that until now we have known mostly the winds of adversity, but the winds of change that were coming would “fill our sails” as the church is about to move forward again. " rickjoyner.com

Keith Davis: "In a visitation prior to this conference, a huge angel appeared to Bob stating his name - “Winds of Change”. This angelic being was accompanied with three other angels, we believe representing three churches and their leadership the Lord is desiring to join together in the bond of unity. This huge messenger stipulated he has now been released to bring the “winds of change” to the church aiding us in the transition imminently ahead. These winds will fill the sail of the church to transport her on this virtuous journey. Things are not going to continue as they have in the past within the church and the manner in which she is viewed." bobjones.org

source: propheticroundtable.org/DonFranklin/

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